Being accountable to your agreements

There have been two recent situations where agreements were made with people who then changed the agreement after everything was agreed to. In one situation, the agreement changed due to unknown situations that arose on their part.  It still is important, I think, to be a person of your word and to keep your end of the agreement. It isn’t always easy to do this and sometimes the agreement may totally fall apart because it isn’t possible to keep your side of the agreement due to the changes that occurred. 


In the second situation, I felt like it was a ‘bait and switch.’  I felt as though I agreed to something that they knew was going to change once they got to a certain point in the agreement.  In this case, we couldn’t continue with what we agreed to do because they totally changed what they originally agreed to do and when we didn’t agree to the new terms, they cancelled the agreement.  It makes you wonder if enough people agree to new terms and continue with less than what they originally agreed to because of the current economic times or if people are more like me and not willing to let others take advantage of us during these times.  There is no excuse for cheating and lying, no matter what the current economic times are.


There are times though when things do change due to unforeseen situations. If at all possible, I like to think we do our best and are accountable for our actions when enter into any agreement, even though it may be difficult at times. I want to feel like I did what I felt was right and I think most people are honest and don’t go into any agreement thinking that they will change things once all is agreed to. 

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