BELIEVE! My favorite word. Apply it in your life.

Successful people know they are successful, they believe in themselves; while people who struggle hope or wish they will be successful. Hoping or wishing will not create success, only knowing will create success. And you can’t know you are successful without a high level of belief. To get to where you want to go and be who you want to be, you must believe you can do it. A solid belief is formed from the conviction you have in yourself to accomplish anything you set out to do, and the desire to accomplish your goals regardless of your current circumstances.

Borrow belief when you need to. If someone believes in you more than you do on any given day, borrow their belief to get you through whatever it is you need to get through. I’ve said to people, “I believe in you. When are you going to start believing in you?” When are you going to start acting like you believe in you?

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