Benefits of Setting Goals: 5 Reasons to Identify Your Objectives

As a business owner, you’ve certainly heard by now that setting goals, both personally and professionally, is an endeavor of the highest quality and leads to prosperity. It might even start to sound a little cliché, but why does goal setting really matter? After all, you probably have a general idea of where you want to go. Isn’t that enough?

Actually, it’s not. Come along with me as I show you why.

Let’s start with your personal life. Maybe there was a point when you knew it was time to take action. Perhaps you wanted to shed some pounds, get more sleep, or eat better. Or maybe you wanted to save more money, give back through volunteer work, or carve out more time for your family and friends. All worthy goals…but where to begin?

Even though it can be challenging to implement substantial changes, the advantages are nearly always in your best interest! But as you probably know, just wanting to achieve goals like these won’t get you very far.

No, you’ll need a plan.

Now let’s switch gears and consider your life as a professional. Maybe your career is rocking along. You’re exactly where you want to be. Perhaps you’re t-h-i-s close to where you want to be. Or maybe you’re just getting started. No matter the phase of your business, the benefits of good ol’ goal setting can’t be overstated. In fact, it’s essential to your success as a business owner—just like it is in your personal life.

While setting goals at work may not trim your waistline like a healthy diet would, it’ll point you in the direction of your dreams. And as a business owner, you really can’t succeed for long without it. Let’s take a closer look. 

Benefits of Goal Setting

As author, philanthropist, and coach, Tony Robbins, once said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. That’s a pretty powerful statement. With this in mind, remember that goals are what gives direction and wings to your dreams.

There are five benefits of goal setting we’ll consider here:

  1. You’ll gain clarity. Without clarity, you may experience a scenario like Abbott and Costello’s famous skit, Who’s on First. While their confusion is undoubtedly entertaining and memorable, you don’t want to create this absurdity in your own workplace. In fact, leaders who don’t set goals are likely to have subpar results, unengaged employees, and a company culture lacking initiative. On the other hand, by having clarity, you’ll better understand the purpose of your goals and align your strategies to that. And to achieve clarity, you must set specific goals.


  1. You’ll zoom in on the needed steps. By setting goals, you’re creating a clear, conclusive vision for where you and your company are headed. This step alone puts a laser focus on your actions and decisions, so you can answer the question, “What needs to happen now?” Your sense of direction is defined, and your needed steps are explicit. Your tomorrows are now shaped to meet the short-term and long-term goals you’ve set.


  1. You’ll boost your self-confidence. You and I know this through experience: as you encounter roadblocks and obstacles—and find a way to overcome them—your morale as a leader is increased. You learn to believe in your abilities as an effective leader. Goal setting allows you to boost your confidence and draw on your inner strengths.


  1. You’ll increase your efficiency. You can think of this benefit as being ready to ascend the ladder to success. By knowing where you’re going, you’re able to formulate and plan the needed steps to get to your goal. And this means you’ll accomplish your goals—plus do so at a faster pace. By implementing the proper goal setting process, you’ll climb that ladder without even losing your breath.


  1. You’ll make your dreams come true. At the end of the day, success is what every business owner chases. And each win gives you the courage to keep going. You are in charge of your destiny, and you must get there on your own terms and conditions. By goal setting, you’re taking the needed steps to arrive at your destination in style and cross that finish line with exhilaration.


Much like Olympic athletes know they must work out every day to stay in shape, even if they don’t feel like it, you must set goals to get where you’re going. Think of your goals as the puzzle and the steps as the pieces. To complete the puzzle, all the pieces are necessary.

In the same way, you’ll need steps in the goal setting process to be defined and tracked. Only then will you arrive at the victory line, possibly bruised but definitely successful. If you haven’t already, pencil in time for goal setting review and updates to reap these benefits and flourish as a successful business owner others want to emulate.


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