Brand your Business – Slogan Slinging

Photo-BrandYourBusinessCreating a memorable slogan is an important part of branding your business.  Choosing the right slogan has the power to catch the attention of clients and prospects.  You will want a slogan that is descriptive, catchy and personable; yet industry specific.  For example, if you’re a writer, a slick choice for a slogan might be “The Right Writer.” If you’re an interior designer, “Changing lives, one room at a time” may be an appropriate slogan.  Incorporate your slogan into the tagline of your logo, website design, business cards and all other marketing materials.  When people hear your slogan, they will instantly be reminded of your brand.


A slogan not only creates the sense of an established business, it can also be used to further propel your status by being used when introducing you in interviews, magazine features, public speaking engagements and radio and TV advertisements.  Use your slogan at every opportunity!  At networking events, introduce yourself as John Smith, “The Right Writer.”  Continued plugging of your slogan will only help push your business forward and build momentum.  You can then use that momentum to capture more clients and revenue.



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