Breaking the Backbone of Limiting Beliefs

According to the laws of physics and aerodynamics, a bumble bee can’t fly. So…try telling a bumble bee that!


Isn’t it wonderful that bumble bees don’t possess human traits?  Because if they did, in all likelihood, we would live in a world devoid of flowers and honeycombe and the simple delights of bumble bees productively going about their business in our garden.


Why? Because we human beings have a knack for getting caught up in limiting self beliefs, so it follows that the bulk of us would simply accept the word of the scientific community and not fly because we’ve been told we can’t!


And like the imaginary void that would be created without the ingenuity of bumble bees, we create huge voids in our life by accepting self limiting beliefs.


Our beliefs about ourselves, those around us and the world at large affect who we are and how we behave. Beliefs are merely thoughts that with a little encouragement and repetition from our over-active minds transform into facts. Or so we are led to believe.


Once we have formed a self-limiting belief, we continue to pursue evidence to prove that our belief is real. These beliefs are backed up by our self-talk, providing further evidence to back up our negative thoughts.


How many times have you caught yourself saying:


  • I knew I’d be no good at this
  • This always happens to me – I’m hopeless
  • I’m always the unlucky one
  • I’ll never be any good at anything
  • I can’t ask for referrals.
  • I’m not built for following a calendar.
  • I can’t seem to stop letting things distract me.


Limiting beliefs are self-perpetuating; the more we believe something to be so, the more our actions reflect that belief, and the more the resultant failure to achieve what we originally set out to do reinforces the initial limiting belief.


The first step in breaking the cycle of self-limiting beliefs is recognizing that the belief exists.


Most importantly, you need to visualize yourself without the self-limiting belief that has held you back in the “no-fly zone” for most of your life.


Daily affirmations will help hasten the process. Write down on a piece of paper an affirmation that describes the new belief you are focused on, and pin it up someplace where you’ll see it every morning. The mirror where you dress each day is perfect.

Breaking a self-limiting belief is like seeing the world for the first time without the lens cap on. A brave new world of opportunity that you never knew existed is out there, waiting just for you.


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