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Chris Atley is a Canadian living her dream in a small beach town in California! BUT her dream almost didn’t happen. Thankfully, she made the decision to live her life full out, put other people’s expectations to the side and got out of her own way! When she learned and shifted the disempowering beliefs that were running her life, she was able to grow her business 10x in just 10-months, and move to her dream spot by the beach with her family. Chris has a BA in Psychology and is a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Chris enjoys sharing how our beliefs dictate every single action we take (or don’t take), and what we can do to manifest our hearts desires! Because BELIEVE is one of my favorite words and has a big impact on how we go through life, and because success is 90% mindset, I thought she would be the perfect guest!!

Here are some questions I asked Chris that you will benefit from by listening to her answers:

  1. After you spent a gazillion dollars learning how to run a business, not getting to the next level, and feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and depleted, you said you realized that you were the common denominator in the equation. How did you realize what your limiting beliefs were that were living in your subconscious mind, and then how did you dig your way out of that situation?
  • After plateauing for 4 years with your business, what was the single most important mindset or action you had to have or do to grow your business 10 times in 10 months?

Look at “sales” from an empowered place and being of service. Not all people understand how to really view sales in this way.

  • What was the “inner work” you had to do in order to take a stand for achieving your big dreams?

Perseverance to do the work no matter what it takes.  She used the crabs in a bucket analogy.

  • What makes you say that “success is 90% mindset”? And what is the other 10%?
  • How do people know they have limiting beliefs that are holding them back, because I think sometimes people don’t even know they have these limiting beliefs that are holding them back?

It comes from looking at where you are at, and if you aren’t at the level you want to be at and you keep trying and come up against some kind of block or resistance, and you can’t figure out why what you are doing isn’t working, then there is something going on inside of you. What is the thinking and the story that is keeping me from reaching my next level and holding me back from getting to where I want to be?

  • Once they realize they have limiting beliefs, what is the most important action they do first to change that limiting belief record from playing, so they can make progress?

Our subconscious mind wants to keep us comfortable and stop us from doing things that aren’t comfortable.

  • What typically prevents entrepreneurs from reaching their income goals?

Convert your limiting belief to an empowering belief. What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back and keeping you where you are that related to money? 

I tell people that successful people are comfortable with being uncomfortable all the time and that is why they are successful.

Her affirmation is “My Success is Certain!”

  • What are the top 3 things people can start doing now to achieve their goals and ultimately their dreams?

–Shine a light on the thinking that is causing you to get the lack of the results and stay where you are right now.

–Getting clear on the empowered belief instead of your limiting belief.

–Universal Laws. For example, what we put out, we get back. Focus on receiving as that is where she sees people falling short. Manifest what you want. We are natural givers but receiving can be tough for most people. Making self-care a practice and it is a very important aspect.

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“Change your beliefs and you change your behaviors. Change your behaviors
and you change your results. Change your results and you change your life.”

-Lisa Jimenez

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