Check out my Interview with Chris Patrick, Author, Disasters to Dreams

Fired, robbed, divorced, and with two businesses down the drain, Chris Patrick was stuck on a one-way street of screwups and failures. This life wasn’t what he wanted—but sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

Chris is a real estate consultant and founder of The Patrick Group, a premier real estate firm in Las Vegas. With over $100 million sold since 2013, he was named in the top 1% for all Las Vegas Realtors.

Chris’s goal is to inspire others to overcome their own serious hardships, traumatic events, or struggles in order to live their absolute best lives.

Here are some questions I asked Chris that you will benefit from by listening to his interview:

  1. You were born into an abusive household and at the tender age of 12 you were wrongly accused of and arrested for a horrible crime that completely ruined your reputation. From there, you left home and transformed into a hard-partying snowboard bum. I’m curious, what shifted for you from this world of trauma to being a Vegas real estate success?
  2. What happened to alter your mindset from all the unsuccessful and unhealthy things happening to you to having a success mindset and really wanting a better life?
  3. How does someone transform a subpar business into a profitable empire (by focusing on yourself)?
  4. Tell us about your step-by-step business-booming process that can improve your subpar enterprise into a prosperous empire.
  5. How does someone create The Ultimate Mindset to determine your own rules and get the outcome they truly desire?

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