Check out my Interview with Mark and John Cronin – John’s Crazy Socks – Spreading Happiness

I think you will find these two very special guests to be inspirational to you on your goal achievement journey to creating the kind of business and life you truly want. It was a very emotional and empowering interview for me, and I hope you get value from listening to their story.

John and Mark Cronin are the father-son team who founded John’s Crazy Socks. John is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a speaker, an athlete, and a dancer, who just happens to have Down syndrome.  John was the first person with Down syndrome to be named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year. You may know them because John became “Sock Buddies” with President George H.W. Bush. Or you may know them for having grown a bootstrapped start up into a multi-million-dollar social enterprise where they have reached more than $12 million in revenue and are the world’s largest sock store.

John’s Crazy Socks is an internationally recognized social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can do. John’s Crazy Socks has shipped over 375,000 orders to 88 different countries.  You will love their socks, but the socks are just the physical manifestation of the happiness they share.

Here are just a few of the questions I asked Mark and John that you will benefit from by listening to their interview:

  • Tell us how you came up with the idea for socks and how you went about building John’s Crazy Socks.
  • How is that a father and a son, who has Down syndrome, could build a $12+ million business?
  • You have very happy clients and a high repurchase rate, how do you do that?
  • Tell us about your relationship with former President George H.W. Bush?
  • John’s Crazy Socks are built on 5 Pillars: Inspiration and Hope, Giving Back, Socks You Will Love, Making It Personal, and Make it A Great Place to Work. How did you come up with these 5 pillars?
  • John, what are your favorite pair of socks, and why?
  • How do you feel about working with your father? 

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When you do, you’ll receive great socks, you’ll help us employ people with differing abilities, you’ll help us Give Back and most of all, you’ll help us spread happiness.







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