Check Out My Interview with Michael Arterberry – Overcoming Adversity and Obstacles

As a teenager, Michael Arterberry was fortunate to receive guidance from positive adult role models who helped him overcome adversities and set high expectations for his future. Grateful for the role these mentors played in his own development, Michael decided to dedicate his professional life to helping people navigate the difficulties of life and launch their future into motion. For more than 25 years, he has been helping teens and adults to use what they have gone through as a catalyst for success rather than an obstacle for failure.

In 2008, Michael founded Youth Voices Center, Inc. a non-profit with the mission of helping young people to become active, productive members of society by overcoming their obstacles, their history, stereotypes and even their own self-image and limiting beliefs. Michael is the author of “Be Encouraged: 250 Days of Motivation and Encouragement”, a daily motivational book.

Here are some questions I asked Michael that you will benefit from by listening to his answers:

1) I have had people talk about how they wanted to achieve a particular goal and they had people (friends, family, and peers) telling them their goals were too big or they should rethink their goals to deflate their desire for their stated goal (unintentionally or maybe intentionally).

You have a comment in your book that says: Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Can you elaborate on this please?

Michael said: “Don’t let history control your destiny.”

2) At different times in our lives I think we have all felt overwhelmed with something. What do you do suggest we do that can help up when we might be feeling overwhelmed?

3) You have a comment in your book that basically says: Perception is everything and there is a danger in a flawed perception. What exactly do you mean by this and how would we know we have a flawed perception, and then how could we fix it going forward?

Michael said: There is danger in low expectations. We have to run after our destiny because as we run for what is in front of us, we escape what’s behind us.

4) What are the consequences or challenges of “losing your keys” that you talk about?

Michael wrote: “Be the Driver of Your Car” 

Helping people to take control of their lives and not allow others to control their destiny or journey. We are a product of our thought lives. If we allow our own, personal negative thoughts plus the ones that are projected on us, they become the “driver”.  Life experience/trauma, if not addressed appropriately, can be the driver.

5) People talk about having affirmations, what do you think about the power of affirmations and what it can do to help us?

6) One of my book titles is Live Life with No Regrets. How do you suggest people work to live their life with no regrets?

Michael wrote: No Regrets

Helping people to live life with passion, purpose and mission and not to look back and regret the choices or decisions that they have made. Live in the moment. Enjoy what is going on now in your life even while moving towards the goal.

7) What continues to inspire and motivate YOU? What gets you up in the morning?

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Short-term thinkers plant gardens…Long-term thinkers plant trees.

Eternity minded thinkers plant themselves in the souls of others!

~Michael Arterberry


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