Choose Wisely: Choose Life

The choices you make every minute of every day influence the life you live and the person you are. Make them wisely.

The more choices you make, and the more you realize the world won’t fall apart either way, the more control you gain over your life.

Making Choices That Matter

Whether we like it or not, we all make choices all the time; consciously and subconsciously, hard decisions and easy decisions, choices that not only affect us but those around us, life altering decisions and choices that, in hindsight, took us down the wrong path. But hey…that’s life!

As human beings, it’s often easier to choose the path of least resistance. After all, we are creatures of habit, so if it’s habitual for you to cocoon yourself inside your comfort zone, then it’s highly likely you’ll always choose the “soft option”.

But living a life of quiet desperation is a choice, and people who choose to live life in this way have to take on the responsibility for making that choice.

On the other hand, there are those of us who accept that making choices isn’t always easy and isn’t always comfortable, but want to live a life ripe with new opportunities, new visions, new adventures and new challenges.

Challenges allow us to grow and learn from the experiences we encounter.

Consider this: life doesn’t just happen. The life we choose to lead is dictated by the choices we’ve made in the past, those we make today and those we’ll make in the future.

To live an extraordinary life, we need to understand and focus on what we want to achieve, and then make choices that will ultimately lead us to the goals we want to attain.

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