Communicating in a Client-Centered Manner Gets Even Better & Faster Results High-Content Webinar REPLAY

Client Centric Communication

Client-Centric Communication

During this high-content webinar you will learn 12 questions that will help you build a more client-centered business and assist you in enhancing your clients’ and prospects’ experiences. The results can lead to:

  • Prospective clients who are more likely to hire you in the first meeting.
  • Clients who are more inclined to do all of their business with you.
  • Clients who more consistently refer.

Many advisors think their business practices are client-centered, yet there is almost always an opportunity to become even more client-centered. The payoff of even small improvements in this area can be substantial. Most advisors agree that their businesses should be all about their clients, even though they have not yet formulated or implemented a game plan for actualizing this reality.


The presented action-able, results-producing strategies will help you to:
•        Communicate in a way that is truly about your clients and prospects
•        Get more clients
•        Keep the clients you want to keep
•        Achieve your goals
•        Be even more focused on activities that produce results

During this what-to-do and how-to-do-it webinar, Anne Bachrach will share proven principles that are being successfully implemented by the advisors she coaches who earn middle six-figure to seven-figure incomes.

To watch this high-content webinar, go to /free-articles/free-webinars/.

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