Creating a Client-Centered Business

What is a client-centered business anyway? A client-centered business is a rather vague idea, but one that focuses on the needs of a client, as opposed to a conventional business model. This isn’t a new concept. If you aren’t sure if you are totally client-centered or if you aren’t familiar with this concept, I think it is an important one to consider quickly implementing in your business.

Yes, there are some standards by which every business does try to live by, regardless of industry. The most important principle is that the company should provide a quality product or service at a fair price. There should be a high level of expertise involved in creating such a business, regardless of the market.

Create a Client-Centered Business
The most important prerequisite is that you research your market very well. Where do you get this information? You can learn it from books or you could consult marketing experts, and other successful business owners. However, don’t forget the most important source of input: the client. After all, this is a client-centered business. That means that you are concerned with accommodating your clients, not building a self-centered or profit-first business model. It will help your business tremendously to survey some potential clients whether from your own contacts or from other informational resources.

Use professionalism in confirming a business deal by finalizing all details (never leaving anything unclear) and by instilling the client with confidence. Be careful not to oversell your services, especially after a deal has been reached. Resist the urge to overcompensate after the deal takes place since this could make you look nervous or even inexperienced in their eyes.

Client-centered businesses are eager to negotiate and to adapt their plans to whatever the client needs. Remember this above all else. When you go with this business model you are in business for their benefit, and the more money they make (courtesy of your expertise), the more you will make.

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