Despite the economy, successful people continue to invest in themselves

Yet another article in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, August 25 stating that individual and corporate clients say that one-on-one coaching is critical for career success, even more so during tough economic times.  Most business people understand the importance of continuous investment in themselves and their organizations; however, many stop investing when times are tough.  Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to survive and strive to be successful in tough times and not let the economy be their excuse continue to make investments in the resources that will help put them in the highest probability position to be successful now and position them for even greater successes when the economy gets better. 


Most of understand that we may have to work a little harder and maybe a lot more smart to continue to make progress in our business, when times are tough.  It is way too easy to get distracted from what we know we need to do, give ourselves excuses that we think lets us off the hook, and procrastinate from doing the ‘heavy lifting, and just go along with what the majority is doing or NOT DOING.  Do you want to be a sheep or do you want to be the one who is ahead of the pack and enjoying professional and personal success?


You have access to many different types of coaching and different types of coaches.  Pick the best method and person or team of people to help you weather the current economic times and come out ahead.  Those who take advantage of resources now will be much further ahead of those that don’t. That is just the simple reality of the situation.


To help you review a few options, go to: /bw/coaching.php.  Stop getting ready to get ready and pick a method of coaching that you think will have the biggest impact on you achieving your goals so you can get busy and experience success for yourself and your firm.

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