Dreamer vs. Doer: The Only Thing Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals

Are you a Dreamer or Doer?

Are you a Dreamer or Doer?

You set goals, yet you don’t achieve them. Time and time again you find yourself stopping midway between the start and finish lines. You start off running out of the gate, enthused and driven to make a difference this time, but each time, something derails you from sticking to the game plan.


Perhaps you convinced yourself that it was lack of time, energy, or resources. You simply didn’t have the time to stick to it or that a 5am run or late night at the gym was the last thing you felt motivated to do. You didn’t have a babysitter…or the money…or the will power.


It’s the classic paradox of Dreamer vs. Doer.


So what’s the real reason behind all those excuses you make?


Going from a dreamer to a doer isn’t always cut-and-dry. It’s up to you to become your own best motivator by paying attention to how you’re feeling and leveraging it. If you’re currently motivated by the positive feelings of a future payoff – go with it. On the other hand, if you’re current motivation is the displeasure of a current pain – leverage it to get you moving. It’s the difference between dreaming about a better life and doing something to create the kind of life you truly want and deserve.


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