Effective Time Management – Block Similar Activities Together

Here’s a thought on doing similar activities together.  Let’s say you have a mailer that you do or would like to do, but you don’t want to send it out to 1,000 people all at one time because you can’t adequately follow-up with that many people all at once. You can complete the task and create the 1,000 mailers all at the same time and put future dates on them so they can be mailed when you have them scheduled to be mailed.  If you mail invoices on a regular basis, you can do them in advance if they are the same.  You can print envelopes and get them ready all in advance for months at a time.  I like to plan ahead and I think this is being efficient with my time.  You could easily send out your assistant to buy different kinds of cards for you to use throughout the year for birthdays and special occasions.  This person could also address the cards so you wouldn’t have to do this part of the process.  This person then gives you the cards when they are to be mailed for you to sign and for them to stamp. 


Think about your business and what you can do ahead of schedule and all at the same time.  What things do you do or can you do that could easily be replicated and do it all together in advance?  Could you or your assistant do thank you letters in advance for something?  Do you have mailers you could do all at the same time, just change the date?  Do you have periodic correspondence that goes out to clients that you could do all at one time, maybe with minor modifications?  You may be surprised at home many things could be easily replicated and done in advance.  This is another way of being effective and efficient.

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