Eliminate the No Longer Acceptables in Your Life

Once you examine your motivation and desire, you may discover that self-control—even discipline—may be needed to improve your productivity.  Whether you are seeking improvement in your professional or personal life, you may have to make sacrifices in order to accomplish a greater good.  How do you begin?  The first step is to analyze what needs to be done.  Analyze your long-term objectives as well as your short-term goals.  Next, you have to focus in on what is preventing or slowing down your journey to success.  At this point, certain activities, attitudes and maybe even people will be labeled “No Longer Acceptables” (NLA).  The No Longer Acceptables are distractions to achieving your goals; they are things that you want to get rid of.  You don’t merely want to get rid of these no longer acceptables—you want to make sure they stay out of your life.


The problem is, so many people merely say they want to make changes in life, but don’t actually have the desire or self-control to see the operation through.  It’s too bad, because deciding to make these positive changes is a step in the right direction.  Adjusting your perspective and formulating a strategic plan could improve the quality of your life and those of others.  Why the hesitance to completely do away with the No Longer Acceptables?  You might think of these NLAs as addictive substances, even if they are not tangible properties.  Make a choice to get rid of the no longer acceptable and then take action on the things that produce the results you want.


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