Embrace the challenge – get more focused, achieve your goals, and reduce health risks

In a recent issue of Prevention Magazine, it states benefits to getting and staying focused as it relates to some health benefits; however, there are also obvious professional benefits of focusing on the activities that will help you achieve your goals.  Prevention stated: “People who consider themselves self-disciplined, organized achievers live longer and have up to an 89% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than the less conscientious, according to two studies.  When you’re good at focusing your attention, you use more brainpower, says the lead researcher in both studies, Robert S. Wilson, PhD, a professor of neurological sciences and psychology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Set personal and career goals, and challenge yourself to meet them by a certain time.  Also, try new things to stimulate your brain.”


What are you going to do next that will help you focus your attention even more so you can achieve your personal and professional goals this year and also enjoy the reduced health benefits that come with that focused attention?

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