Focus on what you can control and not what you can’t control!- Focus on high pay-off activities!

I am really sick and tired of people continually telling me what the market did today. The market is up x today and the market is down x today. If people would just shut-up and stay focused on their highest pay-off activities, they would be so much more successful at achieving their goals than wasting time watching what the market did today and then talking about it to everyone. You can’t control the market – maybe that is a news flash to some! Even if you do care about what the market did and does – it does affect all of us – you still can’t control it so why continue to waste time thinking about it, talking about it, and worrying about it? Focus on what you can control. You can control your actions. Focus on the activities that produce results in your life.

It may be harder for some to do business development but there are still people out there who need what you do. It may take a little longer or be a bit harder to find the ‘right’ people who want what you provide, but they are out there. When you focus on finding these people, you will find them. They are out there. Quit wasting valuable time moaning about what you can’t control and get your butt in gear and focus on those high pay-off activities that you can control. You will be so far ahead of the rest who are bitching and moaning about what they can’t control. Nobody can control the markets – NOBODY! Focus on you and the ‘right’ activities, including high pay-off activities, which produce the results you want and you will be successful.

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