Get Amazing Results by Applying Strategic Thinking and Becoming a Master of Change – Teleseminar

By replacing what you’ve always thought and done with even more constructive beliefs and more productive habits you open up new windows of opportunity. Change always involves a degree of uncertainty and discomfort for some, but you can choose to face it, take a chance and get everything you deserve out of life or stick with what you know and settle for what you have. What’s your decision? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The minute you decide and take action on your dreams is the minute you change your life. You can either go with the flow that life directs you in or direct the flow and determine your destination. In just seconds, you can make a decision to alter the course of your destiny.

In this content-oriented tele-seminar, you will learn
• 4 Ideas on How to Master Change Instead of Fearing It – for Amazing Results
• 4 Benefits of Embracing Change
• What is Strategic Thinking and How to Apply it to Your Business
• 5 Steps to Implement Strategic Thinking in Your Business
• A Specific Strategic Thinking Model

By applying these action-able, results-producing strategies you can:
• Learn to Master Change
• Make More Money
• Work Less
• Enjoy a More Balanced and Successful Life.

What got you to where you are today probably isn’t going to be what takes you to where you ultimately want to go. Those thoughts, actions, activities have to change to move you even closer to your future goals. Begin today by signing up to attend this event.

When: Friday, March 30
Time: 9:00am PT / 10:00am MT / 11:00am CT / 12:00am ET
If you are not in North America, please translate for your time zone by visiting
Investment: $10 USD
Tele-seminar Leader: Anne Bachrach, The Results Accelerator™

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