Honor Your Core Values – Complimentary Values Clarification Exercise

If you’re working too hard and still not generating the revenue you desire, you may not be honoring your core values. These core values, when sacrificed, create disharmony, frustration, and struggle in your life and business. Honor your core values and you create flow, ease and success. Know your core values and adjust your business model accordingly. The key here is to learn from other successful business people, but put your own spin on it. When you honor your core values you’ll find a magic formula that allows you to work the way it works for you. In turn, your clients will be even better served.

Know YOUR Core Values

Know YOUR Core Values

Go to /values-clarification/ and down a complimentary values clarification exercise to help you get clear on exactly what your values really are.

Example: Let’s say freedom is one of your core values, yet you’re tied to a desk. Perhaps one of your core values is family, yet you need to work long hours to generate the revenue you need to support your family. It’s easy to see how ignoring the values most important to you can be the source of frustration or struggle.

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