How are your limiting beliefs affecting your success?

During a Ropes Course event I attended, we participated in a great exercise. The people running this course had us break into groups and discuss how many drops of water would fit on a penny. Now the instructor showed us the eye dropper that we would use to put the drops of water on the penny and the actual penny. We were to discuss this exercise among ourselves and come to a group agreement about how many eye dropper drops of water would fit on a penny. Then we all provided our group number to the rest of the groups. After writing down each groups number on a flipchart, we all did the exercise within our individual groups and provided an actual number once we were done, to the rest of the group.

Think about the first part of the exercise for a minute. How many eye dropper drops of water do you think will fit on a penny? Write the number down that you believe will fit. Then, actually take an eye dropper full of water and see how many drops you can get on a penny. Was that number of actual water drops you got on your penny more or less than the number you originally thought was possible?

Interestingly enough, our group guessed the highest number of drops that we thought could go on a penny and we actually got about 16 more drops than we guessed on our penny, which was more than any of the other groups. The other groups, as you might have guessed, made fun of our original number and thought we were crazy. Now, our group number had to be heavily discussed as many of the members of our group thought only 2-5 drops would fit on the penny. Myself and one other person thought there could be at least 20 drops and that was probably low. We did convince the other members to go with the number of 20 through as our guess.We ended up getting 36 actual drops on our penny. WOW! That did shock most of us.

Think about the impact of this one exercise on your beliefs. If you believe more is possible, could you be capable of even more? YES!

How might your beliefs be helping you or hurting you? What has to happen for you to change possible beliefs that could be holding you back from even greater successes in your life?

Changing your circumstances and creating the life you really want starts with creating a high level of belief that allows you to feel that you can achieve anything you set your mind upon. With conviction and desire, you will be unstoppable because you will believe that anything is possible. As a result, you will create the life you have always dreamed about having and become successful.

Try this exercise with a group of people and see what you come up with!


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