How Diet and Nutrition Impacts Your Business

Fit young woman fighting off fast foodAs a busy business professional, you’re always on the go. This likely means you don’t have the chance to sit down and enjoy a proper meal as much as you’d like.  While refueling on empty calories may seem necessary and harmless, feasting on the wrong foods can actually cause your already low energy to plummet.  Fat- and sugar-laden foods will drain your energy and in turn decrease your productivity.  It may surprise you, but being in poor physical fitness does negatively impact your business!  If you’re trying to stay fit for your life and your business, you may want to steer clear of the morning donut or the mid-afternoon fast food run.


Aim for three balanced meals per day with an additional healthy snack as needed. Be sure the first meal of the day, breakfast, is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.  If you are on the road for most of the day, pack a small cooler in your car with healthy snacks or a small meal.  If you get stuck in traffic, you’re not tempted to get junk food on the run.


As a rule of thumb, you should consciously saturate your diet with protein, vitamins and minerals. Eating a small, balanced meal at least three times a day should help minimize cravings.  Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish; and consume red meat sparingly.  For more resources about your diet, head to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.


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