How do people know you are really good at what you do?

Have you ever worked with someone who was really good or watched someone work and thought to yourself, they are really good at what they do?  Providing marketing literature or telling someone how good you are isn’t always the best way to have someone believe you are as good as you are.  Demonstrating how good you are by the questions you ask and how you conduct yourself in your professional environment should give people a good feeling that you are good and know what you are doing. 


For example, I was in a bicycle shop one day watching a ‘bike fitter’ fit a person for their bike so they can work as efficiently as possible while riding their bike.  I didn’t know this person fits very famous cyclists at the time. In a matter of minutes he made adjustments to this person’s bike and off the lady went.  I could just tell by what he did, and how he worked that he knew what he was doing.  He had a lot of confidence in his ability without openly showing it or providing any written materials. People know who he is by reputation.


I was in the PCS Connection phone store the other day and there were a few young men working. I could tell by how fast they worked when someone asked them a question and how confident they were in their abilities and they didn’t have to say much.  They answered questions, told the truth (didn’t try to sell you something you really didn’t need), provided great customer service, and very efficiently got the job done for each person who was there. I had been to 6 phone stores and told that they couldn’t help me with a problem I had.  This one young man listened to my problem and fixed it in approximately five minutes.  WOW!  I love these guys now and won’t go anywhere else. They really know their stuff!


If you live in San Diego, this store is at 4334 Convoy Street, Suite 0, San Diego, CA  92111. Their phone number is 858-278-1999.  If you have any cell phone issues or just want to talk to experts about cell phones and blackberrys, you need to experience the guys at this store.


Do your prospects and clients view you as the expert?  Do they send you lots of referrals to others they think can use your services or products?  What has to happen for you to demonstrate to prospects that you are the expert in your field and they need you in their life?  What’s one thing you could do even better to have people think this way of you when they first meet you and in the first few minutes?

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