How good are you at staying focused on the activities required to achieve your goals?

I found out that a women’s publication was looking for a financial expert to talk to about doing some question answering on financial issues for women.  Because I know a woman who is in the financial area, I forwarded her the ‘opportunity’ to respond if she was interested. 


I received what I thought was the perfect response back.  She said, “Thanks, Anne! I’m worried it would be a bit distracting from my goals.”  She then mentioned that she wants to stay focused only on those activities that support her achieving her goals in the timeframe she has set.  How many people would think about the opportunity of obtaining more national recognition which may not lead you to the achievement of their goals?  I think most would jump at the chance. Let’s say you got chosen. How much time would you have to spend responding to general financial questions for people all over the country? How much time does that take away from serving your current clients and helping them achieve their goals, and how does that impact your goals?


I was very impressed with this and had to share it with you.  How focused are you on doing the activities required to achieve your goals?  How easily are you distracted? What is the effect of those distractions on your goal achievement? What has to happen for you to be this laser focused so you can achieve all you goals in the timeframe you have set – professional and personal?

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