How Hard Is It To Stay Committed?

It’s not always easy to stay committed to your purpose, especially in troublesome times, when you must bare the burden and expense alone.  What’s important to remember is that wavering commitment is not commitment.  A commitment is not something that is on again off again, or easily stomped out due to undesirable factors—this is more like a notion pretending to be a commitment.  Successful individuals will eventually achieve their reputation because their commitment was true: they approach their plans with determination and persistence.  You could even say that true commitment endures.  It stands the test of time.  It survives, not only for the rest of a person’s life, but in some cases even beyond a person’s life to future generations of followers. 

Commitment is most important when times get tough.  Before embarking upon a new journey, plan your future well and prepare for the worst, while always hoping for the best.  Welcome adversity because these are your challenges to overcome.  These are the obstacles that hold you back from achieving your dream.  These are tests for you to pass to show the world just how committed you are to making a difference for yourself and for others.

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