How strong is your belief?

I was talking to someone the other day who was telling me how many things they had going on in their life. Interestingly enough, none of these things were moving him forward toward the achievement of his goals. He was telling me how much time each of these things were taking and it would be months before he could focus on activities that would help him make progress on achieving his goals. We talked about his desires to achieve various goals and how he would like to have x, y, and z.  It isn’t about how much time you spend, necessarily, on something, it is your focus and belief about something. If you focus on the ‘right’ activities and believe it strongly enough, you can make things happen. That is my belief anyway.


Because he likes to fly fish, I told him a story of how I love to fly fish with yellow humpies. That is my favorite fly and that is what I use the majority of the time. I like the name and the way it looks – what can I say.  We were fishing with a guide in New Zealand many years ago and they had so much rain that you could fish in the steams and the lake was very murky so you couldn’t see much. The guide told us we had to fish by the banks and sink the flies to catch anything. I told him that I use a humpie and I have always caught fish with it. He said they won’t bit on a floating fly and they won’t eat the humpie. I told him that I wanted to use it anyway and that I will catch the first fish and the biggest fish. He probably thought I was a stupid woman and ignorant so left me alone.  When he was over fishing with my husband, I was happy to do my own fishing in my own spot that I picked.  When the guide saw that I had caught a fish, he couldn’t believe it. I told him that I was going to catch the first fish and the biggest fish. The biggest fish was yet to be determined as we were just getting started.


When I told this person this story he commented to me that I had strong belief. He said he has seen many people with strong belief manifest things into reality even when most people would say it wouldn’t work.  If believe that you can have belief so strong that you will manifest it into reality and the results you want.  Think about the time you may have had this strong of belief and what happened.


What do you believe?  Do you believe in something so strongly that you have manifested it in your life?  Do you need to gain this belief again in your life for something so you can be on track to achieving your goals?  Believe in yourself, believe in a proven process, believe that what you do will work and it will. 

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