How to Blow Up Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs – Master Your Mindset

Captain Charlie Plumb, POW

What can you learn from a Vietnam Prisoner of War that will help you be a more successful Financial Advisor and business person?

A lot!  I mean, you’ve had some challenges in life, but 6+ years as a Prisoner of War?

Can the COVID-19 pandemic be your springboard to the best years of your business and your life? Why not? It will be for someone, why not you?

If you’re like most human beings, you probably have some fears that are holding you back from tapping your true potential in business. Fear of not being good enough. Fear about talking to people with more money. Fear about being too young, too old, or not having the right answer on the tip of your tongue. Fear about not knowing exactly what to say. Fear of coming across badly, wrong, or awkward. Fear about being perceived as a slimy salesperson. Fear about whether or not you deserve to be successful. It’s a long list. Fear is natural. Fear is part of being human.

Join Bill Bachrach and guest presenter, Captain Charlie Plumb for a free online training session.

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It’s the goal of the “Master your Mindset” session to help you blow up, or at least overcome, your obstacles to success.


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