How to Generate 5-Figure Flat Fees for Service

In the disruptive world of declining AUM fees and the progressively lower perceived value for wealth and investment management, how do you successfully position yourself to be paid 5-figure fees that are totally separate from asset management?


The key is to create a Client Value Promise above-and-beyond the typical “wealth management” or investment management value proposition.


On this free webinar, presented by Bill Bachrach, you will learn the process top advisors use to create a compelling Client Value Promise that inspires existing clients and prospects to pay a flat fee for service. This can be in addition to AUM fees or instead of AUM compensation all together. This is the exact same process Bill’s high level coaching clients use to set, and get, $36,000 – $100,000 annual flat fees for service.


One of Bill’s students is a 28-year-old FA who acquired 8 Ideal Clients in 8 months who each pay his $36,000 flat fee.


Another student, a 25-year industry veteran, recently acquired a new client at a $75,000 annual fee for service and another at $37,500.


If they can do it, you can do it! And you’ll learn how on this free webinar.


Register now and book this event in your calendar for March 14th at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Go to

  • If you’d like to position yourself to be paid 5-figure fees instead of, or in addition to, asset management…
  • If you want avoid the “race to the bottom” as Artificial Intelligence continues to improve the quality of machine-based investment management while driving the price close to zero…
  • If you’d like to offer something bigger and better to your existing clients to earn a significant pay raise
  • If you’d you to know how to “rescue” high net worth clients from their other advisors…
  • If you’d like to get out of the asset gathering game and do something simpler, more elegant, that differentiates you from the competition, and pays really well…
  • Or if you’d like to have a jump start on the next wave of the FSI that will likely replace the current “Wealth Management” model…

…then this webinar is for you.


During this webinar you will learn exactly what to do to develop a wealth-management busting client value promise and how to set your five-figure fee.


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