If Nothing is on your calendar you probably are doing nothing…

What are the chances of you doing your highest payoff activities and the activities that will put you in the highest probability position to achieve your goals if nothing is on your calendar, or the things on the calendar aren’t the right activities?  In order to be successful and as effective as we want to be, we must continue to be better at making sure the ‘right’ things are on our calendar and then we honor our calendar.  If there is nothing on your calendar then, if you are like most people, you are probably doing nothing or wondering what to do next. When you effectively use your calendar you will be more focused and know that you are making progress on achieving your goals. Your calendar needs to have everything you do on it. Some people make sure to include drive time, shower time, lunch time, exercise time, family time, etc.  Everything that you know you need to do each day needs to be on your calendar.  Now, honoring your calendar is the next thing. Work on honoring your calendar more and more each day. Stop allowing distractions and interruptions get in your way and prevent you from doing what is on your calendar.  This is not easy but will get easier with time and you will be even more successful when you apply effective calendaring in your life.


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