Is your Business Really Focused on Client Satisfaction?

Client-Centric Words Dart Board Targeting Customer ServiceIs your Business Really Client-Centered?


There are many factors that go into building a successful business. However, one of the most important, yet one of the most ignored, is focusing on creating client satisfaction.  Create a client-centered business and you’ll ensure that your business gets only rave reviews, while setting it up for success.


Client Satisfaction

Are your clients’ interests at the core of your business? If not, your business will remain at a standstill for years to come.  Many business owners have the perception that they run a client-centered business, but in reality, they have gotten into a bad habit of putting their own personal interests in front of their clients’.  Yes, it is true that you should have a personal interest and passion for your business, but your interest is not what drives sales.  Meeting your clients’ needs and delivering stellar client service is what drives sales and generates revenue.


Smart business owners know that running a client-centered business is necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition. After all, when you focus your efforts on client satisfaction, your clients will become your biggest free marketing tool.  Not only will they become lifetime clients, but they will also refer you to friends, family members, and colleagues any chance they get.  Word of mouth, any successful business owner will tell you, is the most powerful marketing tool available.


In addition, once you build a large base of loyal clients, you can begin to scale back on marketing costs because your loyal client base will peddle your business for you! High client satisfaction helps pave the path to business growth and success.


Filling the Gap

In order to ensure client satisfaction, you must offer the services that your clients seek. A novel idea is only a novel idea.  There must be a market for your idea and clients in need of it.


While you can offer many of the other standard services your competitors offer, you should not rely solely on them. Why would you?  If you do just settle for offering what everyone else is selling, there’s nothing to differentiate you from your competition.  At that point, you’re almost forced to compete on price to acquire clients. If people perceive you as a commodity, it is hard to differentiate your business and receive what you deserve and want. How do you get past this?  You get past it by identifying the services that your clients really want, but no one else is offering.  Maybe you will offer more client service options or something that is just a little better than everyone else.  It doesn’t always have to be a big difference to create a big separation between you and others.


If you are already running your own business, and your clients are sharing their honest feedback with you, it’s bad business sense to ignore what your clients are telling you they want! It may not seem like it, but what they are providing you is very valuable information. 


The market research business draws big money for one main reason: there are people and businesses eager to know what clients need and want! They are not only very willing to pay for the information, they are also very willing to provide exactly what clients need and want!  Take note when a client offers you feedback, because you have a golden opportunity to give them exactly what they need and want!  The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough – when you know what your clients need, you can create a client-centered business and deliver what they need – growing your business.


By focusing in on niche markets that aren’t being served, you can satisfy clients by offering them the services that they need, but are not currently available. This separates you from your competition and frees you from competing solely on price.  In fact, thanks to the rules of supply and demand you can even charge a premium for these services because they’re so scarce!


Regardless of your industry, performing market research is important in offering the right products. What’s the first thing most modern-day shoppers do when they’re in the mood to make a purchase?  They perform an internet search on the product or service to do some comparison shopping.  You can use this to your advantage to identify what your clients are after but just aren’t able to get anywhere else.


Given the popularity of online services, it is important to be sure your business has an online presence so when potential clients search for services like yours, they can find you. Remember, the key is to fill the gap and focus on creating a stellar client-centered business. 

If you’re focused on client satisfaction, then all of your clients will likely become lifetime clients and become a free source of marketing when they eagerly refer their friends, family, coworkers, and everyone they know to you.  If your clients aren’t eagerly referring you to everyone they know, then maybe you need to evaluate how you can be even more client centered so when you ask (and even when you don’t), they are happy to introduce you to a lot of people who can use your products and services. Continue to be open to making changes that can enhance being client-centered and you will improve the opportunity to be successful. When you run a client centered business, you will run a business set up for success.



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