Is your revenue and profit up compared to last year?

In working with one of my clients today, he mentioned to me that his revenue as of the end of April is up 25% over last year at the same time. His company profits are up 240%. 


The financial situation last year at this time was not as bad as it was at the end of the year, as you may recall.  This is just another example of someone who is focused and works on their highest payoff activities in order to put himself in the highest probability position to achieve his goals. He did mention to me that the one idea I pushed a little hard on last year was one of the main reasons that their business is doing so well now.  It was his execution of this idea that created his success.


Sometimes things may not happen as quickly as you would like them to.  Sometimes you have to plant a lot of seeds to reap the rewards.  It is the continual planting of the seeds that will set you above the rest. There are still so many people whining and moaning and doing nothing. Those who are planting the seeds are the ones making things happen – now and into the future. Keep planting those seeds and they will grow.  Do it today, and every day.

Review the educational tele-seminar topics and choose those that you think would be of the most value for you and help you focus on your highest payoff activities so you can achieve your goals. Listen to them over and over again.  Complete the exercises and reap the rewards.  /bw/resources_teleseminars.php

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