It's okay to have a thought you DO express!

My husband has an expression, “It’s okay to have a thought you don’t express.”  This can be very useful at times.  I also believe it is okay to have thoughts you do express.  Many times we are thinking something and we don’t say it, and we should so we know the truth about the situation. We might be afraid to say what we are thinking for some unknown reason.  You are just guessing on what is really going on in their minds without really knowing the truth.  When someone is telling me that a certain situation occurred with a client and they don’t know why or understand, I ask them if they asked them about it instead of just thinking about asking them.  Most times we role play how that would work and they then go back and talk to the person. It is really about the client and them wanting to do what’s best for them – so why not ask and tell the truth about how you are feeling?


Can you imagine someone telling you the truth about waiting to take your money until a more appropriate time? How often does that happen?  One client did just that. She was busy handling a lot of new business and she told a new client that they should wait to pay her for her services until she was in a better position to service them – two months from now. They were thrilled she told them the truth and agreed to meet in two months where they would then pay her for her services.  Upon saying this to them, she felt like the ‘salesperson’ in her really wanted the money and should have taken it right then and there. While the person who she is felt like she was in integrity by telling them the truth.  Think about how the clients felt with the truth and how many other people they will tell about her services now.

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