Lean into Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs – Accelerate Your Results

At the recent event we did with Financial Advisors, we talked about Leaning into Your Fears and how doing this will help you to accelerate your results.

Think about police… When they hear gun shots, they run to the sound of the gun fire.

Think about fire fighters… They run toward the fire to put it out as quickly as possible. They don’t run away.

When you are snow skiing, you lean forward (counter intuitive) and not back to be a good skier. When you are on a motorcycle, you lean into the turn and not away from a turn. It might take a few times to get this concept, but that is the way you go around corners on a bike.

As you go through your day-to-day work, think about leaning into what you know you need to do and leave any fear and doubt behind. Lean into any fear or limiting belief that may be holding you back and plan to lean forward, so that you are 100% committed to having your best year ever – whatever that looks like for you.


What do you need to fear do you need to lean into a bit more to help you achieve your goals?

1.Making Calls to people you have on your list that you haven’t spoken to for a very long time, or you don’t know super well, or who said “no” to you a long time ago but could be ready to meet now, or to schedule the phone consultation, etc.

2.Asking for Referrals and expecting the mother lode every time, instead of hoping you get 1 when you ask.

3.What Else do you need to lean into?

Be on a mission to lean into your fears or limiting beliefs, so you can get exactly what you want and have your best year ever.


Do you think you might have some limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals?

If so, download my Special Guidebook, Are Your Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals? by going to https://bit.ly/2ItXDSJ and squash any limiting beliefs you might have and turn on your success-oriented beliefs, so you can accelerate the achievement of your goals.


You might enjoy watching a super impactful and inspirational interview of a blind man who does all kinds of adventure events. It isn’t very long, and I think it is Amazing. (https://www.today.com/video/meet-the-blind-mountain-climber-who-conquered-mount-everest-1444279875672)

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