Let clients invest with you when they want to

In talking with someone I coach today, he mentioned that he has a 5-step sales process for obtaining clients.  What do you think about having that many steps to obtaining a new client? What if the prospect is ready to buy in one or two meetings?  I asked him that question.  His response was that he has a 5-step process and they are going to go through it.  I then suggested this thinking was really about him and not the prospective client.  Hummmmmm.  Would you want to spend 5 meetings with someone when you were ready to buy in one or two, or even three? How would having a shorter process that produced the same result benefit them and you? 


Having systems and processes is great!  Maybe periodically reviewing them to make sure they are really about your prospects and clients and not all about you would be a good use of your time. 


As Guy Kawasaki wrote in The Macintosh Way, you don’t compete on strategy; you compete on execution.

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