Live Life with No Regrets…

In the September 2011 issue of Inside Tennis, Bill Simons did an article on Maria Sharapova.
A question asked of Maria was, “Could you put into words the feeling you get at that moment of triumph when you win a big tournament, that ecstasy? What floods through you at that moment?” Maria responded by saying, “I’m getting goose bumps. It’s a special moment, because you’ve been practicing, and when you’re young it’s what you dream of, what you see on TV, the big trophies you dram of… The first thing that comes to mind are the days that were just so hard and you had to push through them…and it feels so good, because you fought. You never knew ifyou were going to have the chance to hold that trophy… [And] you never want to have that feeling of regret, like you had so many choices and you were never sure that this was the one you wanted to follow. It’s an incredible feeling.”

I agree, you want to try living your life with no regrets. That is how I have tried to live most of my life and why I felt compelled to write a book called, Live Life with No Regrets. What changes might you make to begin to live your life with no regrets from this day forward?

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