Live Life with NO Regrets

The other day, I met a lady (Susie) while here on vacation in Mazatlan Mexico.  She is working for a timeshare.  Susie didn´t appear to be originally from Mexico so I asked her where she is from.  She said she is from Canada and has been here in Mazatlan for 13 years now. She told me how much she loves living here. I asked her what brought her to Mazatlan and why she moved.  She said she came to visit over 13 years ago and went back to Canada before deciding to move to Mazatlan. She said she thinks that for many people it is the things they don´t do that they regret in life and not the things we actually do that we regret.  She didn´t want to not move to Mazatlan and regret that decision for the rest of her life. She has never looked back on her decision or regretted it for a second. I think she has a great attitude and that more of us should apply this approach to our life.

Have you ever not done something that you wish you had done?  How can you apply Susie´s philosophy to your life and not have any regrets for things you don´t do going forward?  Let´s try to live our life with no regrets from here on out.

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