Make the Investment in YOU!

I’m sure you have heard and read lots about the importance of investing in yourself now so you are positioning yourself for the future business opportunities, and how when you invest in yourself now it positions you better than your competitors now and into the future.  It is hard to consider for some with cash flow very tight; however, this is true. The more you can invest in yourself and your business right now, the better it positions you for getting business that you may not have gotten. 


Make a list of all the professional and personal development things you can do, all the marketing opportunities there are for you to consider, etc. Put them in priority order of the ones that would have the biggest impact on your life, if you did it.  Then review the list and make sure the priority order is correct.  Determine the amount of the investment and the time it would take you to do it or implement it next to each item.  Remember, if you could only do one thing on the list, you want it to be the one thing that puts you in the highest probability position to have the biggest effect on you achieving your goals. Then begin. Do the first one first. Then the next one. You may have to finance these opportunities on a credit card and pay them off little by little, and that is okay.


Investing in yourself while others aren’t is better for you.  Consider the impact to your business and begin with the most important thing on your list today.   

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