One Easy Way to Differentiate Yourself from Other Advisors

Did you know that printed newsletters:

  • Have a higher perceived value and are better remembered and referred to later?
  • Give peace of mind that valuable information will reach readers without worrying about spam filters or accidental deletions?
  • Encourage readers to connect to your message at a deeper, more emotional level?
  • Impress clients and you become a valuable and remembered resource?


“The comments we get about the Quality of Life newsletter from our clients is very positive. One comment we get the most is, “It’s the one thing I read every month.” This is one reason why we have been sending out this non-financial newsletter for at least 11 years.” –Greg C.


More effective than email, which is often quickly scanned and forgotten, a printed newsletter can be a valuable resource for the prospect, client, strategic alliance, and center of influence, who can save, reread, and even share it with others.

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Non-financial newsletters will definitely differentiate you from the rest.  It’s time to stand out from the other Advisors and provide 4 high-value articles each month to your prospects and clients they that read and appreciate you sending. This keeps you top of mind and that is what you want to get more clients and get more referrals.


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