Pete Winiarski, Founder of i-Saga, interviews The Accountability Coach

Here’s Pete’s Interview outline with The Accountability Coach

1.      We want to hear your success story – (how you got to where you are now and what’s next for you.  Things like – your career path, what you’re an expert in & how you got that way.  Anything interesting, things people might not know but would be interested to hear about). 

2.      What are some of the key decisions you made during your career?  (any tipping points)

3.      What is success for you? 

4.      What are some of your core beliefs + values that guide you?

5.      What are some of your goals /BHAGs – any you want to share?

6.      What exactly is Accountability Coaching?

7.      The name of your book, Excuses don’t Count – Results Rule caries quite a message.  Can you tell us why this is important?

8.      You talk about results in the context of a balanced life – why is balance so important?

9.      What’s the most important step one should take when they discover the results they want are different from what they’ve been getting?

10.  On page 43 of your Excuses don’t Count – Results Rule book, you talk about your language, and suggest we eliminate the words “Try” and “Can’t”.  Tell us more about this.

11.  Can you share some success stories from some of your clients?

12.  If there was one bit of advice you want to provide that we have not yet covered, what is it?


Listen to The Accountability Coach, Anne Bachrach, being interviewed by Pete Winiarski, Founder, Institute of Success and Goal Achievement.  Enjoy the 60 minute interview.





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