Protect Yourself and Your Computer from Potential Issues

You are using one of the many password managers, and have a regular off-site back up service that backs up all your data on a regular and frequent basis – Right??  If not, make both of these activities an action item that you complete as soon as possible.

If you don’t use a password service, I strongly recommend you quickly get one. Help your clients have a password service, so they don’t have their passwords written down where someone can easily find them (which is what someone I know had until I got her set up on a free Dashlane account). Check out the many options for password manager services by going to

I was on the phone with a Financial Advisor client who was having major computer and phone issues. She said all her passwords were erased when she went to a new iPhone and she doesn’t remember any of them. I asked if she had a password manager service and she said she looked at one years ago and it was too complicated. Well, she is paying the price for that now. I made a list for her to review, so she could quickly get a password service set up. You will spend approximately $40 per YEAR to have a password service. Most of the services also have a free version, but I would recommend you pay for the paid version.

This conversation led me to ask her about having her computers backed up. She said her broker/dealer did something, but she didn’t really know what it was. My guess is that they aren’t backing up everything that she would want backed up, so I recommended she also purchase a back-up service that is “in the cloud” (off site), so she has everything she would need should something else happen to any of her computers.

Back up Service for all your computers – schedule a regular basis (every 2 hours at a minimum).  I use Carbonite but there are many others to choose from. I was working with a group of Admin Managers one day and one of them called me and said she couldn’t be on the call that day because they had a major computer crash and they didn’t have all their data backed up. Don’t learn from these kinds of mistakes.

Help your clients have these services for themselves also. They will thank you for it, especially should anything ever go wrong (which I hope it never does).


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