Real Life Isn’t Boring!  How to Live Life with No Regrets

No Regrets!Life goes by so quickly – don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunities you have to live life without regret!  Ask yourself this question, if you left this world tomorrow, would you feel as if you lived life to the fullest extent?


While you can’t turn back the clock and change past events, would you – if you had the power – change the way things are now?  Perhaps you would change where you live, your financial status or improve your personal relationships.  Maybe you would drive a different car, play more golf, travel to exotic places, be more physically fit, or relax in a hammock on the beach.


You’re probably thinking, that sounds great, but that’s not real life.  You can’t spend your life in a hammock!


Then let me ask you, what is real life supposed to be about?


Work?  Responsibility?  Bills?  More work?  (You may be tempted to answer yes, but hold that thought.)


This is where most of us get it all wrong.  Most of us were taught that being an adult is about being responsible, and life is not about having fun.  You’re supposed to have all your fun when you’re a child, then “grow up” and live responsibly in the real world.


I challenge you to break that false perception and create a new rule of your own.

If you could live life exactly as you wanted, what would you change?  Without even realizing it, you could probably come up with at least three things that would involve less work and more fun.  Go ahead, try it.


If you could change three things in your life – right now – what would they be?  Here are some examples:

  1. Work less
  2. Travel more
  3. Spend more time with children


Now it’s your turn…



Why would you change these particular aspects?  Next, write a specific reason for wanting to change these three things.


  1. So I have more time and energy to do the things I like to do: work on the house, watch football, go fishing with the boys, etc.
  2. I’d like to explore the world and take romantic trips with my spouse/significant other.
  3. Spending time with my children makes me feel good, even when I’m down.  They make me laugh!


Your list…




When you wrote down your reasons, did you notice that they probably have nothing to do with responsibility and boredom?  Still think life is supposed to be one dull ride?  The things that matter most to you – and the things that allow you to live life to the fullest – are always the things that make you feel good.


This is where you have to retrain your mind to think of life in a whole new perspective.  Real life is not about being bored, exhausted, frustrated or even unhappy.  Real life is about experiencing the things that allow you to feel whole, free, and blissful.


Do not waste one more day of your precious life.  Take stock of the life you live now and the life you would like to live, and start moving in that direction.


Utilize the Quality of Life Enhancer™ online free exercise to help you create your list.  You can find this online tool at /innercircle (under the free resources section in the silver inner circle).  Share it with your family and others who you think will benefit from this exercise.  Create the kind of life you truly want and one with no or fewer regrets.


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