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Here’s an idea on obtaining what you want as it relates to testimonials or success stories from clients.  You always want to make it as easy as possible for people to provide you with what you want or need.  This helps them from having to take the time to do something for you and it gets you what you want and in the words that you would like.  Let’s say you would like to obtain more testimonials or endorsements from clients about your services.  One very effective way is to write several based on what you know of the client.  Send them to the client and ask them which one they prefer or if they prefer to modify any of them, and then send them back to you.  This makes it very easy for them to complete this request quickly and you get exactly what you want. You can also choose to ask people a set number of questions. Based on their responses, you can write one testimonial and send it to them for their approval.  Either way works very effectively and is efficient.

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