“She’s the Real Deal” – Natalie Randolph

In a recent Parade issue, there was a story on one of the few women who coach boys’ high school football in the US – Natalie Randolph.  It tells her story and how she is committed to helping her players score on the field and in life.  She shared her Coach’s Advice for Kids; however, I think these 4 points are good for us all to consider applying in our lives.

– Have No Fear

People concentrate too much on what others will say about them. If you know you can do something, just do it.

– Show Up Every Day

No matter how hard the previous day was, never give up.

– It’s Okay to Be Afraid

But it’s not okay to run away from what you’re afraid of.

– Make Good Decisions

To do that, you must trust your instincts – and listen to the people around you.

Apply these concepts in your life, if you don’t already. I think this is good advice.

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