Some people are determined to be very successful this year. Are you?

While talking with a financial advisor the other day, he told me that 2008 was his best year ever.  He was very proud and happy with such an accomplishment.  He has already started his 2009 out also very successfully. He sold part of his business so that he could focus even more time with his ideal clients.


My husband (Bill) told me, after I told him about this Advisor, that he was getting the update from one of the top advisors on a recent trip he was on.  This other Advisor told him that 2008 was his best year ever, almost $4M of business revenue.  He told Bill, “It wasn’t easy, but we just put our heads down, stayed in touch with all of our clients, and did the work to bring in new clients.” He finds it amazing that his company is telling their advisors to expect another difficult year in 2009. It’s as though the company is giving them permission to fail. But he’s not listening. Instead he’s working to make 2009 better than 2008.


What about you? Are you resigned to this being a crappy year or will it be your best year ever?


What do you have to do to get yourself re-focused and inspired to do the work your goals require to achieve them?  Capitalize on unprecedented opportunity to be successful this year, in spite of what people say.  You can do anything you set your mind to achieving.  

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