Stop being tempted to go down the ‘wrong’ path and execute your game plan!

Have you ever found yourself going down the ‘wrong’ path and wondered how you got so far off track from achieving your goals?  Ever wondered why you don’t achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Ever stated a new year’s resolution and then found yourself off track in February or March (so soon after the start of the year)?  Here are some of the pitfalls we need to resist if we are going to achieve our personal and professional goals and create the kind of life we really want – this year and every year going forward.


Personal Development & Multifarious Pitfalls to Resist
– Tempted to not invest enough time in those things that matter more than money to you.
– Tempted to quit too soon.
– Tempted to not choose your highest and best activities during the day.
– Tempted to not seek out mentors.
– Tempted to not get (or take) expert advice.
– Tempted to not optimize your own attention, deploying the power of focus on your priorities.
– Tempted to avoid reality-based thinking.
– Tempted to not insist that there are things which will no longer be acceptable to you.
– Tempted to make no decision (to avoid making a bad decision).

– Tempted to be everything to everybody.
– Tempted to treat exceptions as rules.
– Tempted to allow your team to be undermanaged.
– Tempted to avoid measuring success in all areas which will result in your overall success.
– Tempted to hold-on to people, clients, friendships, etc. longer than you should.
– Tempted to not require reviewing each team member’s written goals for the week.
– Tempted to not invest in the training & development of your people.
– Tempted to not be skilled at clearly articulating the value you bring to your client’s lives.
– Tempted to not seek accountability for yourself.
– Tempted to not measure your progress in a thorough (and candid) way at least 4 times a year.
– Tempted to not build a business to be of tremendous value.
– Tempted to not work hard enough (sometimes you should “work like you’re a rookie”).
– Tempted to not take enough time off.
– Tempted to pull punches rather than (skillfully & gracefully) telling the truth.
– Tempted to not challenge false assumptions (including our own).

Stop being tempted and do what you know you need to do so you can achieve your goals and have the kind of life you really want to live. Get focused, execute your game plan, and enjoy the rewards.


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