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How is it possible that smack in the middle of a booming economy and a raging stock market that 93% of the advisors we recently surveyed said they want, or NEED, to make more money?


Wouldn’t you think that of all problems you could have right now, money would NOT be one of them?


Here are few key questions to consider as you prepare for 2018:


  1. If you exclude asset growth, would your revenue in 2017 have grown, shrunk or stayed the same?
  2. What would the consequences be for your business and your personal life if, or when, the market corrects 10 – 20%?
  3. How many new clients did you sign in 2017? Are you happy with that number?
  4. How recently did you sign your last new client? More than a month ago?
  5. How many IDEAL Clients did you sign in 2017? When was the last one?


If you are anything other than ecstatic with your answers to these questions, what you need for 2018 is a better plan. A great place to start is to join Bill Bachrach’s AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform right now.


If you’re not crushing it in this environment… what are you going to do when it turns bad or returns to “normal?”


“Before I started working with Bachrach & Associates, I was charging $3k per client and now I am charging $45k per client. My current total revenue is $1,250,000 per year. What enabled me to do this was the skills and confidence that I gained applying the proven processes in the AdvisorRoadmapVirtual Training Platform. Not only has my business improved but also my personal life and health. I can now truly focus on the things that are most important to me.”    –Todd B.


To help make up your mind to Join Today, you not only get all the unbelievable benefits from being a member of this proven process for client acquisition (which can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you), you will also receive the following special high-value FREE resources (a $1,308 value) from me, to help you accelerate your results in 2018 and make it your best year ever.


Maybe a BIG Incentive of great high-content gifts will help you make up your mind and not dilly dally……

  • No Excuses! Action Steps for Making More Money and Getting Better Results NOW! Book and 10 audios
  • The Work Life Balance Emergency Kit – 34 powerful lessons to prepare you for a life where “Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule” book
  • Back Pack Audio series of 20 high-content classes (1-hour each)
  • Live Life With No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives Book and audio book combo
  • Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! Book and audio book combo
  • Inspirational Quotes book


Accelerate your results in 2018 with some help from Bill Bachrach’s AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform. Join right now at https://www.youradvisorroadmap.com/anne/.


“The AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform has given me all the scripts and processes necessary to acquire a $36k flat fee client. earned has given me the confidence to acquire a $36k flat fee client. I reviewed my scripts from AdvisorRoadmap™ repeatedly before the meeting, and it increased my confidence and clearly made a difference. It is important to note that $36k is almost exactly double what she was paying her “now” ex-advisor, who was offering her a “discounted rate” of 50bps.” – Dave T.


Learn to play the “game” at a level nobody knows exists. Have a great rest of your holiday and make 2018 your best year ever!

Anne Bachrach

The Accountability Pit-Bull™



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