The Friday “Feel-Good Trifecta”

I was reading an article about how to keep “work” fresh by William Arruda. He said that he has a Friday afternoon activity that he calls the “Feel-Good Trifecta”. He says it’s an opportunity to reflect on the week and document three important elements:

  1. something I accomplished,
  2. something I’m grateful for, and
  3. something I learned.


He says he has clients who have also adopted this ritual, and they tell him that being deliberate about the Friday Feel-Good-Trifecta helps them see each week as being a little different from the previous — making the same old grind feel like a new blend.


I like this concept and am going to apply it to my Friday schedule.  I believe what he says: In today’s world of work, if you’re not learning and growing, you’re not standing still, you’re actually falling behind. And, you can’t afford to fall behind if you are growing your business. At a minimum, you have to keep up, so continual learning is something you must apply in your life.


Maybe you should consider applying the Friday “Feel-Good Trifecta” in your life and see what positive results can happen for you. What do you think?


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