The Opportunities Are Out There – You Have to Find Them!

A friend of mine was laid off at the end of last year. She was obviously very upset and concerned how she would make ends meet if she couldn’t get another job within 6 months.  She had her ‘poor me’ pity party and after about 30 days, put her ‘big girl pants’ on and got focused.  She found some consulting work and just got hired for a job that is paying her $13,000 per month.  WOW!  This is more money than she has ever made in her career.  When times are tough, things are still very possible. 


This is just one more example of people out there doing well and making money. I know people are getting raises at work, entrepreneurs who are having a better year, this year, than they did the first part of last year in their business.


Yes, some companies are trimming the ‘fat.’  In many cases this was necessary – it was ‘fat.’ 


When I look around, I still see people drinking their (what I call) expensive Starbucks coffees, taking vacations, and living their life.


What do you have to do to get even more laser Focused on the high pay-off activities that will put you in the highest probability position to achieve your goals for this year? What do you have to do to enhance your belief in yourself and what you can truly achieve this year? How much better do you have to get at time management and honoring your calendar?  Don’t be part of the people who are ‘getting ready to get ready’. Get focused and get busy. You have lots of opportunities when you get focused and believe.  You can do anything you set your mind to achieving. 

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