The Power of Persistence

Persistence is defined as the “the act of persisting or persevering…” also “continuing or repeating behavior.”  It is closely related to words like commitment as well as perseverance.  The most successful people in life are always persistent.  This is why it is important to cultivate the quality of persistence, no matter what you are aiming for.  Of course there is a clear distinction between the quality of persistence and the term “pesky”, which is alternatively defined as annoying.  Persistence must always have a purpose or else it will become grating to those practicing and to those listening to the message.


What really is the difference between being persistent and being a royal pain in the butt?  Persistence requires a great degree of premeditated thought and advance planning.  When someone is persistent they are fully committed, not to an action, as if repeating multiple incidents with no particular purpose, but to a plan.  They believe in a principle and realize that in order to achieve their goals, persistence will be required.  Someone who is merely repetitive uses this technique as an offensive attack and does so until someone else has the courage to shut them up.  Persistence is a far more crafty approach.  A persistent person realizes the importance of repetition but is careful about proper timing and using appropriate language.  You could say that a persistent person is careful to learn the problem first, creating a plan of action and then sticking to that plan.  When problems are discovered, the persistent mind creates alternative routes and adaptable strategies. 


There was a time when I promoted my husband as a professional speaker.  I had to be persistent to get phone appointments with decision maker who could hire him to speak at their conventions.  I made follow-up phone calls when asked and I would call people until they would talk to me or ask me not to call back (thank goodness this didn’t happen often).  As a result of my persistence, I received many job offers and comments that these executives wished they had people as persistent as I was because they could have been even more successful and one more business than they were currently doing. 


In fact, without cultivating the quality of persistence, there is not much for a person to do in the world besides become a follower and allow him or herself to be controlled by the wisdom (and or stupidity) of others.  Persistent people make the world turn—they make business grow; they improve worldwide communication and they help to shape this generation’s zeitgeist.  Why not become a part of this movement?  Plan out your future and allow yourself the chance to become everything you aspire to be.  Commit to your vision of success and help make the world a better place in your own unique way. 

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