The Power, Pitfalls and Potential of Resolutions

Don Hutson wrote this great article in his newsletter and I thought it was perfectly on point so thought you would benefit from reading it also.


Identify and Obliterate the Six Obstacles to Success!


Don Hutson wrote: “I once heard legendary business guru W. Clement Stone say in a speech at a Positive Thinking Rally that “My personal mission is simple; I want to change the world and make it a better place in which to live.”  Now THAT is a vision!  As a philanthropist, he gave away millions of dollars and did just that.  There is a lot to be said for having a significant and noble vision.  What is your “magnetic compelling purpose”?  Have you ever had a dream that was so all-consuming that you wouldn’t give up until you made it happen?  That kind of resolve gets results. 


Let’s start with your New Year’s Resolutions… It is easy to get excited about resolutions and the promises they afford us on January 1st.  Here’s the question; “Are we excited enough to get really serious about the process and ultimately follow through to completion?”  Studies have proven that goals and resolutions barely exist until we get them in writing.  When we go to document it begins to be real and viable!


You can see it, show it to others, or display it on your refrigerator as a reminder.  When we don’t write resolutions down they are much like the wind – here for the moment then gone forever.  Here are six barriers that keep our resolutions from becoming a reality.  Let’s consider them along with some solutions, to help us all make 2010 a great year!
1.  Lack of Clarity … The more detail you attach to a goal or resolution, the more likely you are to follow through on it.  Describe it with whys (for the purpose of ..), whens (completion dates and interim progress dates), whats (including mention of your current reality, and what the end game will look like upon completion), and any other details that will help you vividly see the vision.  Don’t worry;  you can’t overdo the detail!  Lack of detail equals lack of clarity.


2.  Lack of Commitment … When you are serious enough to write resolutions down and share them with others, it is your way of making a commitment to the process.  We simultaneously put the universe on notice that this is our intent.  Goethe said “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”  Your discipline to follow through demonstrates your continued commitment.
3.  Lack of Belief … Human behavior is the result of the human belief system.  If you believe your resolution is doable, believe you have a strategy to make it happen, and believe in yourself, you can’t miss.  It is the person filled with doubt who fails to go to the next step.  This is no time to be timid.  BE BOLD!  Share your resolutions with others! This helps reinforce your belief that you can do it.
4.  Lack of Passion … Vision without action is hallucination!  Fire in the belly propels you toward action and results.  Step number one is having the courage to get started on your clarified resolutions. Get fired up about getting started and go for it!  Seeing even a marginal amount of progress is all it takes to inspire you to take the next step.
5.  Lack of Congruence … Your resolutions need to be in sync not only with your belief system, but also with your other goals, and your assessment of your capabilities.   If it is too outlandish or unrealistic, the incongruence of it will short-circuit your belief in your ability to get it done.  It will be a non-starter.  Make it as significant as you can and still believe you can do it.
6.  Lack of focus … Writing down clarified resolutions is the beginning of an exciting process, if we can keep our focus.  Cavett Robert defined character as “the ability to carry out a worthwhile resolution long after the mood in which it was made has left you”.   Can you vow to stay focused on the vision?  Schedule specific follow through actions for specific times to help keep you connected.  The difference between high performers and mediocre producers is a focused intensity accompanied by the determination that you will not be denied!


Few people realize the power and potential which are derived from crafting one’s “Magnetic Compelling Purpose”.  During times of challenge like these, people tend to gravitate either toward scarcity or abundance.  The majority who go toward scarcity are focused on problems and the negative aspects of their existence.  Those who go toward abundance are more focused on possibilities and progress, and that prosperity consciousness is what inspires many people to take the actions that propel them into the next realm of their life.  This is not about who your daddy is, or where you went to school, or how old you are.  Freedom to excel in America is your individual birthright.
If you can articulate what your “Magnetic Compelling Purpose” is, put it in writing, and fine-tune it, you are on your way.  Serious resolutions and statements of purpose tend to cause one to behave the way the person they hope to become behaves.
Take action today on your written plan for success in 2010 and beyond!”   


Okay, now it is time…. Get busy and make 2010 your best year ever!

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